Elite Cyber Secure

Protect your data by protecting your people

Elite Cyber Secure - Proactive Security Training

Through Elite Cyber Secure, gain access to powerful solutions that empower your staff to be the first line of defence against cyber threats.


Elite Cyber Secure is a cutting-edge, behaviour-driven cybersecurity awareness tool, uniquely crafted to deliver real-time, personalised security training.

This innovative platform distinguishes itself by tailoring its educational approach to each employee’s specific behaviours, offering dynamic, constantly evolving phishing simulations, and a rich repository of educational materials including videos and quizzes.

Designed to support compliance with crucial standards like ISO and GDPR, Elite Cyber Secure employs a gamified learning approach for efficient and engaging training experiences.

Its comprehensive features include enterprise-level reporting, immediate intervention training, and seamless integration with major software ecosystems.

Business Benefits of Elite Cyber Secure

Power up your business IT

Simplified Management

Easy to manage and intuitive to use.

Cost Effective

Save money by only training those employees that require it.

IT Support from a dedicated team


Plan a year's worth of cybersecurity training in a matter of minutes.

highly secure and reliable solutions

Improve Security

Turn one of the weakest links in the cybersecurity chain into the strongest - empower your staff to be human firewalls.

choose a solution that works around you

Optimise Resources

Meet privacy and compliance requirements with less effort and expense.

first class support for solutions

Supported Set Up

Our team are here to support you getting set up.

Features of Elite Cyber Secure

 Behaviour Driven Security Awareness – Kickstart security awareness training based on the specific behaviours of each individual employee.

Phishing Simulations – Fully automated phishing attack with thousands of templates. Regularly updated phishing template library.

Security Awareness Training – Employee behaviour driven training with an extensive library of training courses, videos & quizzes. 

 Compliance – Elite Cyber Secure helps companies to comply with ISO, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, EU NIS, Cyber Essentials. SCORM compliant and LMS compatible. 

Gamification – Gamified, interactive and enjoyable security awareness training with short efficient testing. Testing takes 8-10 minutes ensuring productivity. 

 Reporting – Enterprise reporting provides ROI insights and a 360 view of the organisation. Including reports on security training & phishing simulations. 

 Auto Campaigns – Create an annual phishing simulation in minutes. Streamline the security campaign planning process. 

 Real-Time Intervention – Advanced platform for real-time security awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks. 

 Integrations – Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft solutions: Outlook, 365, Teams and Azure AD, ADFS, SSO, G-Suit. 

 Cyber Knowledge Assessments – Conduct assessments on key security and compliance best practices.

 Protection from Advanced Email Threats – Protection from advanced security threats; phishing and ransomware attacks, spoofing, CEO impersonations, BEC.

 Simple Setup & Migration – Suitable for MSPs & SMBs, get set up with Elite Cyber Secure in under 30 mins and start running phishing simulation campaigns.




How does Elite Cyber Secure's Behaviour Driven Security Awareness Work?

Elite Cyber Secure (E.C.S) tailors security awareness training based on the specific behaviors of each individual employee, creating a personalized approach to training.

How Long Does it Typically Take to Set Up Elite Cyber Secure?

E.C.S offers a simple setup and migration process, suitable for organisations of all sizes – estimated set up time is less than 30 minutes from instillation to phishing simulation campaigns.

What Sets Elite Cyber Secure Apart from Others in the Market?

E.C.S focuses on empowering your staff to become a human firewall, recognising that humans are often the target of cyber threats. It offers personalised training based on individual weaknesses and skills for long-term effectiveness.

How Does Elite Cyber Secure Track and Respond to User Behaviour in Real-Time?

E.C.S enables clients to configure security alerts generated on the network. For example, it can send customised messages to users when risky behaviour is detected, leading to measurable reductions in security incidents. 

What are the Key Features of Elite Cyber Secure's Security Awareness Training?

E.C.S offers contextal training in real-time, unlimited phishing simulations, cyber knowledge assessment quizzes, risk and compliance reporting, behaviour tracking, customisable alerts, and more. It also integrates seamlessly with AS/AAD for SSO.

How do we Handle Phishing Simulation Training?

Unlimited schedules phishing tests, including a library of ‘known-to-work” templates. It can recreate various attacks, simulate internal email addresses and provide detailed reporting on employee interaction.

How Does Elite Cyber Secure Incorporate Gamification into its Training?

E.C.S provides gamified, interactive and enjoyable training that is delivered in short-bursts (8-10 mins).

Can you Upload your Own Content and Brand for Training?

Yes. You can upload content such as policies, courses, videos, pptx, PDF and word documents on any topic – not limited to security training.

How Does Elite Cyber Secure Handle Reported Emails from Staff?

E.C.S automatically analyses reported emails to determine if they are true or false positives. If a true positive is identified, all copies of that email can be quarantined to prevent users from being tricked.

How Does Elite Cyber Secure Demonstrating ROI from Security Awareness Training?

E.C.S provides enterprise-level reporting with metrics and charts for phishing simulations and training. It allows you to easily demonstrate ROI on technical defences and communicate the value of behavioural change for long-term organisational security.

How Does Elite Cyber Secure Address Data Privacy Compliance?

E.C.S covers various data protection regulations including GDPR. CCPA. Kenya Data Protection, POPI Act and more. It helps companies meet the security awareness requirements outlined in articles 39 and 47 of GDPR.

Tell Me More About Elite Cyber Secure Reporting Feature?

E.C.S. offers comprehensive enterprise reporting, providing insights into ROI and a holistic view of the organization’s security awareness. This includes detailed reports on security training and phishing simulations. Additionally, MSP clients have access to quick, customizable reports with flexible frequency options.


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