Cloud Hosting

We offer enterprise-grade Cloud Hosting solutions to businesses of all sizes and budgets. Cloud hosting spreads the resources needed to maintain your website across multiple web servers, reducing the chance of downtime, lowering management requirements, and providing the ultimate in scalability.

Cloud Hosting that works for you

Your core business and IT systems are critical for your day-to-day business operations. Powering your productivity, your website, IT systems and critical business applications deserve the best possible hosting and quality assurance. When you choose Elite Group IT for your Cloud Hosting solution, your website won’t be reliant on a single device. With multiple devices acting as one system, cloud hosting ensures excellent site performance, guarantees server resources, and eliminates single points of failure. 

Cloud Solutions

Reliable Hosting Solution

Our range of hosting solutions offer your business a reliable cloud hosting service, supported by our expert team and quality assurance SLA for minimised downtime and optimised performance. We offer cloud hosting solutions to businesses of all types and sizes, so you can benefit from a hosting service tailored to your unique business needs. 

At Elite Group IT, we understand how vital your cloud hosting solution is to your business functionality. When your business is powered by the Cloud, any technical outages and downtime can prove costly and damaging. This is why all our cloud hosting solutions are proactively monitored by our team and securely backed up and replicated for built-in disaster recovery and business continuity. 

You can rest assured that you’ll receive a reliable service that powers your business, and lets you get on with what you do best. 

a flexible and scalable cloud hosting solution

Flexible and Scalable

Our Cloud Hosting solutions build flexibility and scalability into the very heart of your business. Using the power of the Cloud, you can free your business from the constraints of outdated hardware and storage. Cloud hosting is inherently scalable, so you can be sure that your hosting solution grows as your business develops. 

A cloud solution eliminates the issues associated with sizing, deployment, and hardware management, allowing businesses to redistribute IT resources without compromising on any functionality or availability.  

award winning support elite group isle of man

Support that works for you

When you choose Elite Group IT for your cloud requirements, you have access to our expert support team. Our experienced staff will manage everything on your behalf – including hosting servers, network, storage platform, backups, and replication, as well as power and cooling requirements. 

Our team will resolve any issue quickly and efficiently, ensuring your business experiences minimal disruption. At Elite Group IT, we pair industry-leading SLAs with the very latest technology, so we always provide a reliable and secure cloud hosting solution that your business can rely on.  

Business Benefits

Quality IT Support

Reliable Hosting

Ensure your site is properly supported and equipped with the best possible hosting solution for high available and improved quality.

choose a solution that works around you

Scalable and Flexible

Our cloud hosting offers built-in flexibility and scalability, so your chosen hosted service can evolve to keep up with the demands of your business.

Future Proof Your Business

By migrating your solution to the Cloud, you can free your IT services from the constraints of outdated technology.

benefit from a dedicated account manager

Tailored To You

Our expert team work directly with your to deploy a hosting solution that matches your business needs.

highly secure and reliable solutions

Built-in Security

Take advantage of our enterprise-grade security system that protect the Cloud, no matter the size of your business.

Going Green

By entrusting your hosting to Elite Group IT, your business can save money and energy on internal servers.

Technical Checklist

  • Access to our dedicated and experienced support team
  • Choose a provider with over 20 years’ experience
  • Equip your business with the latest technology
  • Remove management hassle and spend more time on your business
  • Ensure your business is protected from downtime
  • Choose a package that matches your needs

Why Choose Elite Group IT


We are problem solvers and take pride in finding solutions that work for you. Our engineers and consultants can provide a unique insight into the solutions available and the best way to introduce those solutions into your business. Good working relationships make it much easier to deal with IT challenges.


We are passionate about providing the best customer service possible and with 20 years’ experience our customers are at the heart of what we do. We invest in our people so that they can do the best for you.


We build our IT support & service agreements to fit around your specific needs. Therefore, you only pay for what you need, it’s budget-friendly and our pricing model helps your cash-flow and financial planning.


We invest in our people so they can provide you with the expertise and knowledge you need to thrive. We offer specialists across multiple technology solutions, from help desk technical support staff to security experts and networking specialists, to back-office technicians. Our skills cover all the technologies needed to support your business.

See what our customers say about Elite Group IT

Carrefour Health Club

“I would definitely recommend Elite Group IT to everyone. Ever since we had the internet installed, it’s been very efficient. It makes our job easier and it makes life easier for the clients, so they can just get on with their exercise”

Jorge Wylde

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CuPlas Callow

“Having all our IT and communications under one umbrella, with one point of contact, has freed up time for me to focus on my business. The Elite Group IT team is always spot on; you can trust them to do what you ask, when you ask.”

Gary Williams, Managing Director

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