International Phone Numbers

Reduce costs and increase efficiency with an international number from Elite Group IT. With our vast network for international inbound telephone numbers, your business can establish an international presence overnight.

International Numbers for Effective Global Strategies

With our long-term partnerships with carriers across the globe and vast network for international inbound telephone numbers, Elite Group IT is perfectly positioned to support your business with its global numbering strategy.  

We can equip your business with an international number, creating an international presence to boost the profile of your organisation and help you appeal to potential customers across a global market 

in country local numbers

In-Country Local City Numbers

With our In-Country Local City Numbers, we can provide an international number to create a local presence in a particular cityno matter where your business is based Our flexible Local city numbers mean you can take calls from anywhere, both inside and outside the country of origin.  

With coverage spanning more than 7500 cities, we can provide numbers for all major cities, as well as some more farreaching locations for a maximum global presence. For added simplicity, you can connect as many non-geographic numbers as you need under one single landline number, with your callers receiving the same seamless experience as if they were dialling the landline number directly. 

a freephone number solution

In-Country Toll-Free Numbers

Also known as international Freephone, this type of number can create establish a local presence in a particular country, no matter where your business is based.  With our capabilities spanning over 140 destinations, we can supply numbers for all major countriesas well as more niche locationsWhile the ability to call our In-Country Toll-Free Numbers is limited to the country of originyou can take this call from anywhereregardless of which country your organisation operates in.  

With our In-Country Toll-Free Numbers, you can answer calls to your business in the country you are based or re-route calls to any other destination using our online call management platformThis solution is an affordable alternative for businesses wishing to operate across multiple countries or set up multilingual/global call centres, but do not want the added expense of setting up multiple offices.  

universal toll free number solution

Universal International Toll Free Numbers

Our Universal International Toll-Free Numbers offer the ultimate global telephony solution. With no access restrictions, we can equip your business with a single number that can be used across multiple countries, forwarding calls straight to your business, no matter where you are based. With no call charges for all landlines and some mobile networks, your Universal International Toll-Free Numbers is free for callers to use, no matter where they’re calling from.  

With access enabled on a country-by-country basis, you can ensure there is always sufficient flexibility to allow call termination across multiple countries. Used by international corporations and organisationsour Universal International Toll-Free Numbers can bolster the profile and reputation of your local business.  

Business Benefits

our solutions can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection

International Presence

Establish your business in multiple countries and become an international business overnight.

Boost Your Profile

Demonstrate the global presence of your local business, no matter where you are based.

drive your business with a unified communications solution

Never Miss Call

Benefit from automatic rerouting to any device and ensure your business never misses a call.

Business Continuity

Relax in the knowledge that your calls can be routed easily and seamlessly within just a few clicks with built-in disaster recovery.

first class support for solutions

Added Call Control Features

Opt for our added call control features including online call statistics, voicemail to email, fax to email, data capture, call queuing, auto attendant and call recording.

choose a solution that enables you to add multiple devices for remote working

Tailored Marketing

Use unique numbers in separate marketing campaigns to gauge which campaigns are more successful than others.

Technical Checklist

  • Equip your businesses with a local, national or international presence
  • Toll-free call options available
  • Optional revenue generation
  • Integrate numbers into your local telephony infrastructure
  • Add enhanced call control features as a stand-alone product or package
  • Receive expert support from our dedicated team

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We are problem solvers and take pride in finding solutions that work for you. Our engineers and consultants can provide a unique insight into the solutions available and the best way to introduce those solutions into your business. Good working relationships make it much easier to deal with IT challenges.


We are passionate about providing the best customer service possible and with 20 years’ experience our customers are at the heart of what we do. We invest in our people so that they can do the best for you.


We build our IT support & service agreements to fit around your specific needs. Therefore, you only pay for what you need, it’s budget-friendly and our pricing model helps your cash-flow and financial planning.


We invest in our people so they can provide you with the expertise and knowledge you need to thrive. We offer specialists across multiple technology solutions, from help desk technical support staff to security experts and networking specialists, to back-office technicians. Our skills cover all the technologies needed to support your business.