Two-Factor Authentication

Double up your security with two-factor authentication.

Ensure Maximum Protection with Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor authentication (2FA) is key to providing maximum protection for both on-premises and cloud applications. With an increase in the number and sophistication of cyber attacks, never has it been more important to have a robust and secure system. 2FA adds an extra layer of security, ensuring that individuals gaining access to their own account are who they say they are. In addition to entering a username and password users are required to authenticate their login via an alternative method.

Two Factor Authentication

Powering your Security with Layers of Protection

With 2FA you can verify that users trying to access their data are who they say they are. Attackers are unable to access your accounts without possessing your physical device needed to complete the second factor authentication.

2FA is available on both iPhones and Android, as well as wearable technology such as an Apple Watch. SMS authentication is available for users without smartphone.

Netwrix Data Classification

Never compromise on your security measures

Protect your business against many security threats that target user passwords and accounts, such as phishing, brute-force attacks, credential exploitation and much more. Access to sensitive data can be restricted ultimately helping your business comply with regulations and insurance requirements.

Through a quick and easy method you can ensure your accounts are protected in next to no time. Verify user identities, assess and act on the health of devices, set adaptive access policies and protect users’ productivity with modern remote access allowing your team to work from anywhere without sacrificing security.

Business Benefits

highly secure and reliable solutions

Protect your Data

Protect against many security threats that target your accounts through a layered method of protection.

Power up your business IT

Restrict Sensitive Data

Take control over who is accessing your data.

Quality IT Support

Comply with Regulations

Ensure regulatory and insurance requirements are met.

choose a solution that works around you

Quick Access

Quick and easy access authorised on your mobile device.

choose a solution that enables you to add multiple devices for remote working

Verify User Identities

Assess and act on the health of devices, set adaptive access policies and protect users' productivity.

our solutions can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection

Work from Anywhere Securely

Allow users to work from anywhere without sacrificing security.

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