UK Inbound Numbers

An experienced provider of UK inbound numbers, Elite Group IT is perfectly positioned to provide your business with a bespoke and memorable number tailored to your business’s needs.

An Experienced Telephone Number Provider

Even in a world where the internet is king, your business’s telephone number is still the most direct and effective way to communicate with your customers. This is where Elite Group IT can step in. From Freephone and UK National solutions to geographical and non-geographical numbers, no matter what type of number you require, we can cater to your unique business needs. 

With our comprehensive range of telephone number solutions, let Elite Group IT be your one-stop shop for all your telephony needs. 

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Inbound Number Solutions

With our inbound numbers serviceyour business can rent a range of UK geographic, non-geographic and freephone numbersbacked by expert support, call control features and our high availability SLA When you choose Elite Group IT for your Inbound number needs, you not only receive a bespoke telephone number but also call diversion capabilities and advanced call screening options. 

For maximum availability, our inbound numbers can be diverted to an alternative PSTN destination, or alternatively delivered to another SIP platform via SIP Trunking, so you can equip your local business with a range of diverse, toll- free or revenuegenerating numbers to boost your business profile.  

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08 Free Phone Numbers

With a toll-free Freephone (0800/0808) number from Elite Group IT, you can encourage your customers to get in touch with your business, offering peace of mind that they won’t be charged for their calls Freephone numbers are instantly recognisable and free of charge to call from an Isle of Man or UK landline or mobile, so you can establish a direct and effective communication channel with your customers, at no expense or hassle to them.  

As 08 Free Phone Numbers are often associated with charities and large organisations, you can boost your brand reputation and enhance the public image of your business by utilising this type of number. 

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03 Numbers

03 numbers are also known as national contact numbers. Unlike geographic numbers, 03 numbers are not linked to a specific location.  

With our 03 (0333, 0330 and 0300) number, you can equip your organisation with a non-geographic number- perfect for organisations with a presence in more than one town, cityor region, who wish to unify their sites under one number for ease and uniformity.  

01/02 Numbers

With our 01/02 numbers, your business can create a local presence in a specific town or region. Our 01/02 numbers can be routed to a landline or mobile located anywhere in the UK, making them ideal for businesses looking to access a wider market and begin trading in the UK 

Business Benefits

first class support for solutions

Call Diversion

Divert calls to an alternative PSTN destination, or another SIP platform via the SIP Trunking for optimum call control.

Power up your business IT

Easy Number Management

Easily manage number routing with our web-based, user-friendly interface.

Never Miss a Call

Benefit from automatic rerouting to any device and ensure your business never misses a call.

Business Continuity

Relax in the knowledge that your calls can be rerouted easily and seamlessly if the unexpected happens.

highly secure and reliable solutions

Keep Existing Numbers

Switch providers but keep existing UK numbers with our number porting service.

our solutions can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection

Tailored Marketing

Use unique numbers in separate marketing campaigns to gauge which campaigns are more successful than others.

Technical Checklist

  • Block allocations of numbers for DDI requirements
  • Porting of existing UK numbers
  • Diversion of numbers to PSTN destination (call charges apply)
  • Disaster recovery by rerouting of inbound numbers
  • Number management routing via a web-based interface
  • High inbound call channel capacity
  • DTFM and Fax origination/termination support
  • Delivery via a highly available QoS enabled MPLS backbone

Why Choose Elite Group IT


We are problem solvers and take pride in finding solutions that work for you. Our engineers and consultants can provide a unique insight into the solutions available and the best way to introduce those solutions into your business. Good working relationships make it much easier to deal with IT challenges.


We are passionate about providing the best customer service possible and with 20 years’ experience our customers are at the heart of what we do. We invest in our people so that they can do the best for you.


We build our IT support & service agreements to fit around your specific needs. Therefore, you only pay for what you need, it’s budget-friendly and our pricing model helps your cash-flow and financial planning.


We invest in our people so they can provide you with the expertise and knowledge you need to thrive. We offer specialists across multiple technology solutions, from help desk technical support staff to security experts and networking specialists, to back-office technicians. Our skills cover all the technologies needed to support your business.

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"Elite Group IT provides our phone and internet system as well as priority technical support. If anything does go wrong, they’re on it straight away."

Geoff Tinker, Director

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"The service has been exceptional, and whenever there’s cost savings to be had, we’ve been the first to be notified. I would recommend them highly."

Tony Lawrence, Branch Manager

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