Microsoft 365

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Elite Group IT is perfectly positioned to equip your Manx business with a cloud computing system that generates profit, enhances security, increases productivity, and achieves great communications with its full suite of Microsoft 365 Tools.

A Unified Platform

Microsoft 365 unifies the full Microsoft suite into one simplified platform to help you power productivity, collaboration, and communication across your Isle of Man business. When you choose Microsoft 365 from Elite Group IT, you can be sure that your solution is supported by our team of experts and our Microsoft Gold Partnership.  

Microsoft business 365 tools for business

Improved Collaboration and Communication

Microsoft 365 combines Microsoft’s leading business applications into one integrated productivity suite. Having access to collaborative and communication tools such as Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and more allows your business to achieve optimal productivity and great results.  

Microsoft 365 allows businesses to link devices and data across platforms, from any location, all with a single login, so your employees can collaborate and communicate effectively across multiple sites with increased agility and flexibility, helping you achieve a fully connected and engaged workforce. 

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Power Productivity with Flexibility

With Microsoft 365 hosted in the Cloud, you can access your Microsoft files and applications no matter where you are. Your Microsoft 365 account can be accessed on any device with an internet connection, including portable devices such as mobiles and laptops, so you always have full access to Microsoft’s full productivity suite no matter whether you’re working from home, at a different office, or on-the-go! 

This cloud-based technology offers greater flexibility without sacrificing productivity and profitability, unifying all the tools you need to succeed into one user-friendly, easy-to-access productivity and collaborative platform  

Get a secure Microsoft Office 365 system for your business

A Highly Secure System

With access to a range of security tools to ensure your data is kept safe, including encryption, anti-virus and anti-spam software, Microsoft 365 offers a secure built-in system to keep your business protected. With these extensive safeguards in place, you can have peace of mind that if your device is lost or stolen, your sensitive and personal data is secure. Microsoft 365 uses authentication and threat protection across multiple devices for a security system that simplifies device integration and deployment.  

Our expert team at Elite Group IT will ensure that your migration to Microsoft 365 is a smooth and efficient process and are on hand every step of the way to minimise any disruptions to your business operation.   

A Full Suite of Microsoft 365 Business Tools

A suite of applications that help you meet your security, reliability, accessibility and collaboration needs using easy to use tools.

  • Outlook
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Access (PC only)
  • Exchange
  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint
  • Teams
benefit from microsoft 365 tools
benefit from microsoft teams
Microsoft Gold Partner brand

Our Gold Microsoft Partnership

Elite Group IT is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in multiple competencies and is ranked in the top 1% of global Microsoft Resellers. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Elite Group IT enjoys extensive access to the Microsoft Partner Knowledge Base, working closely with Microsoft to ensure our team have access to the best training and the latest technology. 

When one of the biggest names in the industry endorses us, you can be sure Elite Group IT is perfectly positioned to offer your Isle of Man business a Microsoft 365 solution tailored to your specific needs.  

elite group iom locals for locals

Locals for Locals

At Elite Group IT, we firmly believe in our ‘locals for locals’ approach. As the island’s only fully-licensed, Manx owned IT and communications provider, we pride ourselves on supplying local businesses with first-class IT, voice, and cloud solutions and empowering businesses just like yours to get the most from their technology.

With our comprehensive range of products and managed services, all supported by our team of experts, Elite Group IT is your one-stop-shop for all your IT and communication needs. If you’re a local business looking to power your communication, collaboration, productivity and profitability, don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

Business Benefits

choose a solution that if flexible and easily scalable

The Latest Upgrades

With an Office 365 subscription, you get the latest Office apps-both the desktop and the online versions-and software updates as soon as they happen.

our solutions can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection

Access Anywhere

Access Microsoft 365 on your desktop, tablet, and phone for supercharged productivity no matter where you are.

Powered by the Cloud

Powered by the Microsoft Cloud, you have the ability to access your work from anywhere, on any device with an Internet connection.

elite group ioms solutions for business are fully managed and supported

Collaborative Capabilities

Office 365 offers all the storage you need. With files stored securely online, you have the flexibility to share files and content with your team whenever you want.

first class support for solutions with elite group iom

Highly Trained Support

At Elite Group IT, our team of experts are here to help. Whether via email, chat or phone, you can talk to one of our highly trained engineers whenever you require.

drive your business with a unified communications solution

Highly Secure Communication

With safeguards in place to protect data, you have the peace of mind that if your business devices are lost or stolen, your valuable data will remain secure.

Technical Checklist

  • Full productivity suite of Microsoft applications
  • Integrated security and threat protection
  • Collaborate on documents in real-time
  • Access on across multiple devices
  • Supported by our Gold Microsoft Partnership
  • Backed by our team of experts

Why Choose Elite Group IT

Our Experience

Elite Group IT love solving challenges. If you have a specific problem, our engineers and pre-sales consultants can provide a unique insight into the solutions available and the best way to introduce those solutions into your business in a way the customer understands. Good working relationships make it much easier to deal with IT challenges.

Our Customer Service Values

We are passionate about giving our clients the best customer service possible which has been sustained throughout the 20 years of customer experience provided. Our experience has been learned from decades of trusted and elite corporate customer service which is our most genuine differentiator.

Value for Money

While we talk about different products for IT services, most businesses have requirements specific to their operations. We like to build our IT support & service agreements to fit around your specific needs. Therefore, you only pay for what you need, it’s budget-friendly and our pricing model helps your cash-flow and financial planning.

Our People

Complex problems get solved quicker with the correct team in place. We offer specialists across multiple technology solutions, from helpdesk technical support staff, project managers, security experts, disaster recovery consultants and networking specialists, to back-office technicians. Our skills cover all the technologies needed to support your business.

See what our customers say about Elite Group IT

Carrefour Health Club

“I would definitely recommend Elite Group IT to everyone. Ever since we had the internet installed, it’s been very efficient. It makes our job easier and it makes life easier for the clients, so they can just get on with their exercise”

Jorge Wylde

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CuPlas Callow

“Having all our IT and communications under one umbrella, with one point of contact, has freed up time for me to focus on my business. The Elite Group IT team is always spot on; you can trust them to do what you ask, when you ask.”

Gary Williams, Managing Director

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